It is an honour and privilege to have been entrusted with the onerous responsibility of being Principal of this school. I am grateful to the management for the faith reposed in me and thankful to the teachers and students for their unstinting support in shouldering this responsibility.   

Welcome to LEMS - the Lokseva English Medium School, where traditions merge with modernity and growth is perennial. This is a school which blends various hues to give you a rainbow - colours that our students represent.

LEMS is not a commercial institute. It is an educational institute, and this website represents only the educational. Commercial is always secondary to us.

 At LEMS, we know that a circumstance does not make a person, 'OPPORTUNITIES DO'. We at LEMS endeavor to provide this opportunity that our students deserve. The only agenda of this school is to meet the desire of the children consonance with the parents.

Our job is to guide and take the students on their paths with dedication and responsibility. We do this by incorporating tradition, heritage (being the currency of education) through latest techniques and above all - understanding.

Education is a gradual process and a lifelong experience. We also understand that 'what we sow is what we reap' and therefore we are extremely conscious about what we sow in the minds of those who are our future

LEMS has a very strong and supportive School Council that ensures that the school continues to excel in everything we do.

              I am sanguine and it is this cohesion which shall pave the way for the school to achieve its motto.

    ‘Creating lifelong learners’ 
Wishing you all the very best for your future 
Jai Hind

Mrs. Rashmi Vasudevan